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How I Edit My Insta Pics!

How I Edit My Insta Pics!

You guys have been asking me a lot lately on how I edit my pics, what apps I use, how I get that speckled look on my pics, and what camera I use! I am here to answer all your questions! 


Sooo... I know a lot of bloggers like for their feed to flow in some sort of way. Most of the time it’s by color and saturation of the pictures. It makes your feed more appealing to the eye, but honestly...I don’t really focus on this because one I don’t really know how to and two sometimes I don’t like the same filter on every picture I take.  

The three main apps I use are VSCO, After Light, and the adjustments on the iPhone itself! The iPhone has wonderful filters and you can change so much about them like the saturation, black cast, make it more vibrant, you name it! My fave filter to use on the iPhone itself is ‘vivid warm’!! It’s all about what filters you like and how you want your feed to look. I stick to the warmer more vibrant tones, 90% of my pictures have the ‘vivid warm’ filter on it! 



As for the speckled look that I throw on my pics, I use an app called Afterlight. I asked another blogger about how she got that dusty look on her pics because I wanted to hop on the trend as well. All you have to do is download Afterlight, upload your filtered picture,  click on the 4th button on the bottom, choose dusty, and I normally always use the 12th one! Play with it and find the perfect one for your pics! 

Moving on to what contraptions I use to take my pictchasss! People are so surprised when I tell them that most of my pictures are taken with a tripod lol I don’t have a photographer BF and I work on the weekends so my friends can’t do it during the week. My tripod has been a life saver and I highly recommend one if you do own a camera! I use my camera and iPhone about 50/50. Sometimes I like higher quality pics, sometimes I want my camera in the pic, and sometimes I’m just too lazy to whip out the camera. Most of the pics I take in my room are with my iPhone obvvvv, but most all of the others are taken by my camera!  


I have the NIKON D3400 and love it! It’s so easy to use and the pictures upload right to my phone! Thank god for technology, am I right?! It wasn’t too pricey either, I would so suggest it to newer bloggers! 

Also I am looking for a photographer/student to collab with me in the city! If you know anyone who wants content for their portfolios send them my way!!  


So yaaaaaa VSCO is the move, Afterlight for your speckles, and iPhone filters for your pics! Pretty simple and easy! I don’t fret that much on how I edit my pics, but you always wanna make sure they are insta worthyyy!  

Hope this helps you guys and feel free to reach out whenever you do need help! I should like charge people 5$ to edit their pics hahaha now that would be a fun job!!  

xoxo - Alexandra Noelle

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