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Bikini Season is Upon Us!

Bikini Season is Upon Us!

Hey dolls! Bikini season is just around the The Chip Bag DOWN!!!

I hope everyone is well! I have been on insta story a lot more than blogging lately, so go check out @chicteesbyallyb on Instagram! I've also been super busy with work and getting into the NYC groove but, now I'm BACK.

I cant wait to share my fitness journey with you all. This post will let you in on all of my deepest weight loss secrets, what works for me, and my foodie regime! I am super excited to share my health goals and fitness journey with you guys because I am finally back on the wagon! 

Lets dive in! 

I moved to NYC in the beginning of February and gained about 5 lbs V quickly...I was eating out, enjoying myself, and being a college kid again. One month later I began to realize I need to change things ASAP because the post-college 15 was onto me... I decided one night that it was time to get in my OCD groove with eating less and working out more and that's when I started to see the weight slowly but surely come off! Keep reading for what I did to get motivated! 

My mom has told me over and over again,

"Eating is 80% & working out is 20%!"

From my experience and knowledge this statement is so true! I lost 20 lbs my Jr. year of college by just decreasing  my calorie intake. I barely worked out and the weight came right off! I do, however, suggest working out. It makes you feel amazing and is great for your health. Both of my parents work out every day and they are in their early 50's. If they are working out then us youngins should be too!

Let's talk about food first..because I LOVE FOOD! So counting calories is what works for me. I have done weight watchers and loved it, but I didn't lose the weight fast enough. I lost about one pound a week, sometimes less. I also tried the KETO diet with my parents, I lost an initial 6 lbs in the first week and a half, which was AWESOME...but I stuck with it for 3 more weeks and plateued. It obviously wasn't responding well to what my body wanted. I think the keto diet may be targeted towards someone who is looking to lose more than 10 lbs.

Through all the fad diets and the ones that actually work, calorie counting is my go-to. Here's a breakdown of my day-to-day eating regime - I also have to remind you guys that I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat the same thing every day. I know its weird, but it keeps me on track! I also save a huge chunk of my calories for the end of the day just because I am a night eater. I try to stop eating by 8 every night, never drink my calories, and always drink half my weight in water.

Breakfast 11:00 -

Coffee - Starbucks French Roast with their SF Vanilla - availible from BBB (Linked HERE!!!) and like a tablespoon of skim milk - Roughly 15 cals!

Quest Bar (My faveeee is the chocolate chunk - ONLY 180 Cals and SO worth it CLICK ME! OR a Berry Smoothie - 1 Cup of frozen berries, 1/2 cup of light & fit Dannon Yogurt, 1 Cup of Water, 2 splenda packets, and FF whipped cream topping! - 140 calories!

Lunch - Dont usually eat lunch because I eat my "breakfast" so late, so I take apple slices or carrots to snack on! 

Night time Extravaganza - Time To EAT!

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Sweet Onion! I lovee brussels and this recipe is super easy. All you do is chop and saute garlic, onion, and the bacon in a pan. Once they have caramelized a bit, add the sprouts and cook until they are steamed. Turn the heat UP for them to get crispy. You don't need any oil because the bacon grease acts as that component! 

I also am loving a baked potato with S&P with light sour cream! 

Last week I made a light corn chowder, which I ate every night for dinner. Email me if you want the recipe!

Snacks - 100 Calorie ice cream pops(any flavor), and 2 servings of POP chips - I am OBSESSED with the bbq ones - linked HERE!

So that's a quick overview of my daily go-to's & honestly its kinda boring BUT makes me happy and has been working! Just 9 more lbs to go before Memorial Day Weekend!

My Goals - 

So as I mentioned above I have 9 more lbs to lose before Memorial Day. My goal is to be 140 by the end of May! I have lost 18 lbs since graduating college and I am so happy and feel so much better! My daily goals are simple and easy to follow: Drink tons of WATER, get at least 13,000 fit bit steps,  and eat my allotted calorie amount, which is 1,100 right now at the weight I am. To calculate how many calories you should be eating to lose 2 lbs a week, use this calorie calculator! 


My Gym Regime - 

I workout about 3-4 times a week. I don't like to over do the gym because then I'll get too bored. On my off days I do stay accountable, making sure I hit at least a 10,000 step count. I have a Fitbit Flex and am obsessed. I highly recommend a Fitbit, its a great way to count calories, stay on track with your weight, and water intake.

I love cardio, so I mostly stick to running on the treadmill! Also...I want you guys to remember that this is what works for me, so if you guys kill it by lifting more stick to that for sure! I usually run about 3 miles then do an ab, arm, or leg workout! I try to mix it up and get on the rower, stair stepper, and elliptical. I do know that it is very important to change things up often. You should never do the same thing over and over again. It is important to trick your body and don't let it get comfortable with the same workout every day. 

Day 1 - 3 Mile Run, Ab workout - 3 x 1:00 minute planks

Day 2 - 1 Mile Run (fast), 10 minutes on stait stepper, 10 min on Rower - 3 x 20 Lunges and 3 x 1:00 minute planks

Day 3 - HITT Run workout - every other .10 mile sprint then moderate job for 2 miles, and cool down mile run - Arm workout 20 lbs - 3 sets of 15 each exercise.

So that's just a little bit of my advice on losing weight, hitting the gym, and eating correctly. If there is one thing to take out of this blog post it's COUNT YOUR CALORIES and stay accountable while doing so. It is SO easy to cheat yourself. It is important to measure everything out. It teaches you what is 3 ounces of meat or a tablespoon of chocolate chips actually is. Feel free to comment below with any questions or slide into my DM's on Insta! I am here to help! I will also be keeping you guys updated on my Insta story - so follow along @chicteesbyallyb! 

xoxo - Alexandra Noelle

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