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Mom Jeans & Teddy Pea Coats

Mom Jeans & Teddy Pea Coats

Happy Tuesday dolls! 

Still waiting to hear back about the NYC apartment we applied to...cross your fingers we get it!!!

Today I'm sharing with you guys the only two things I purchased on my NYC trip last week. Clothes and accessories are more of a want than a need for me, so I really limit myself to what I can buy. I needed these this Free People Teddy Pea Coat (on sale for $89 - originally $128!!!) and these UO Vintage Mom Jeans ($69 and so worth it). 


I went shopping everywhere including Soho, Macy's, Forever 21, multiple h&m's and ZARA's and plenty of other vintage shops and boutiques. It was so much fun and I got a lot of blog post ideas out of the trip! I can't wait to shoot in NYC. The pics are going to be epic!

So to start off...


This Free People Teddy Coat...I have been searching for it far and wide. I tried it on at Velvet Lounge Boutique in October/Novermberish and fell in love. I wasn't in the mood to purchase a coat at the time because we had such a warm fall...but little did I know I would regret buying this bad boy. I have searched high and low for this baddie. Macy's, Nordstrom, multiple FP's you name it!!....Luckily for you, I linked a few placed you can find it below!


Out of stock everywhere besides HERE... Shop Nordstrom Teddy Pea Coat, FP Teddy Pea Coat!!!

Sunglasses are my look-a-like Ray Ban's for $14 on Amazon! 

My fave Steve Madden Snake Skin Booties that are a must own - Booties...

Brixton Cabby Hat - wearing a medium - $78 Click ME!!

Furry Clutch - must have for winter! 


This black turtleneck bodysuit that goes with just about anything, 

These dope mom jeans (VINTAGE!!) from UO!

Lastly, My GG look-a-like belt - HERE!

Hope you love, xx

Alexandra Noelle

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