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The Baker Boy Hat

The Baker Boy Hat

There was a stage when everyone just wore what made them happy and trends didn’t exist when we were kids. In elementary school I used to wear just about anything, you name it. Whether it be a do rag, leg warmers, or my mom’s belt from the 80’s my fashion sense had a mind of its own. I loved to be different and stand out in the crowd...meanwhile everything changed when middle school hit, to fit in you needed to own a black Denali North Face jacket, classic camel UGG's, and Victoria Secret yoga pants. 


I went shopping with my mom one day and picked up a patchwork baker boy hat, I was obsessed and I needed it!  That next day as I walked onto my school bus the bus driver complimented my hat. At the time a compliment from your cool lady bus driver was much appreciated. My peers on the other hand didn’t understand my confidence and creativity with how I expressed myself through fashion. Little did they know one day I would be designer and owner of my very own fashion apparel business. 

Fashion was my life, there was no way getting around that. Standing out in the crowd was so much better than blending in...eventually the trend faded away and I donated that baker boy hat to Goodwill or something, but man do I wish I had kept it!

15 years later baker boy hats are BACK and i’m pumped!

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UO Cabby Hat 



ASOS Baker Boy Cap 


Quay Australia Sunnies

Quay Australia Sunnies